White Chocolate Ting-a-Lings

  • Preparation time: 5 minutes
  • Cooking time: 25 minutes
  • Ready in: 30 minutes

Need a simple yet tasty dessert for your holiday treat? So White Chocolate Ting-a-Lings is the best answer to fulfill your holiday needs. It is one of the unique desserts of all, but it becomes the favorite. For some of you maybe you have not heard about this dessert before. That is why it called the unique yet simple dessert. ┬áThis spider or bird nest cookies with the salty peanuts mixed with chow mein noodles, and covered with a lot of white chocolate could make your tongue dancing! Such a heavenly treat which recommended to you. Moreover, it is so much easy to make this favorite dessert for most people. Let’s just get started!

How To Make White Chocolate Ting-A-Lings

You only need several ingredients to make this simple dessert, and you also don’t need to waste too much time to cook it. White Chocolate Ting-a-Lings will be on your hand only in 30 minutes! Crazy, isn’t it? Now just prepare yourself and start to follow the direction.


  • 12 oz of almond bark or white chocolate candy coating
  • Three and a half cups of chow mein noodles
  • Two cups of salted peanut
  • Candy sprinkles (choose the red and the green color to make it more suit for Christmas moment)


1First of all, prepare a large bowl. Put the chow mein noodles and the salted peanut into it. Mix it all well and set the mixture aside. After that, you can start to melt the chocolate candy coating in the microwave at low temperature. Make sure you don’t overheat it. For the candy coating, you can use Candyquik as your candy coat preference.

2Pour the melted candy coat into the chow mein noodle and the peanut mixture. Mix it. Try to stir it well to make sure that the chow mein noodle and the peanut fully covered by the melted candy coat. Put the coated chow mein noodle and the peanut mixture into the pan which already lined with wax paper. Don’t forget to top it with the candy sprinkle immediately. Chill it for a while, or you can put it into the refrigerator.

And now, the White Chocolate Ting-a-Lings is already in your hand. Be ready to taste how unique this dessert is. After you taste the rich taste of the White Chocolate Ting-a-Lings, you are going to know why is this dessert could be the most favorite treat ever for a holiday.